What is it?

Well there are rules aren't there:

In America Bourbon has to be stored in new oak casks, but no one says for how long, it can be a few weeks, or a few years. American spirits can be imported to Europe made under American laws.

European made Whisky has to be stored in wooden casks for 3 years but there are no rules about the state of the cask. Most blends are grain whisky stored in flavourless old casks the minimum 3 years mixed with a bit of flavourful malt stored in old Bourbon casks!

We wanted to make our spirit the way we like it. Its not American Whiskey and its not stored in old casks for 3 years. Legally in the EU its a 'Spirit Drink'.

We use English and American Oak to get a unique flavour, and we use finely divided pieces so you dont have to wait so long or pay so much!

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